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Our Commitment to Innovation

At Evolution Healthcare, we are committed to investing in facilities and leading technology that promotes health and wellbeing and enables our staff and specialists to be their best. Through the delivery of innovative healthcare environments, we better position ourselves to deliver world-class healthcare and excellence to all those in our care. Explore the links below to find out more about how we lead in healthcare innovation.

da Vinci Xi surgical system

Wakefield Hospital is home to the da Vinci Xi. A first for Wellington, the state-of-the-art robotic-assisted surgical system is helping our specialists with complex surgery while using a minimally invasive approach.

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Stryker 4K Platform technology installed in our facilities (Bowen)

With Stryker’s 4K technology installed in two of Bowen Hospital theatres, our surgical teams are provided with superior image clarity and light quality, with a system that provides seamless connectivity to patient images and data.

AirFRAME installed in our facilities (Grace, Royston, RDSU and Wakefield)

The AirFRAME is proven technology that provides more effective contamination control, delivering superior clinical outcomes for patients. In place at Grace Hospital and Royston Hospital, Royston Day Surgery and Wakefield Hospital theatres will also include AirFRAME technology upon their completion.

Alcon NGenuity® 3D Visualisation System

A first for a private hospital in New Zealand, our investment in the latest ophthalmic specialised technology at Bowen Hospital allows our specialist and theatre team to have an unimpeded view of their procedures in 3D.

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Leica ARveo digital augmented reality microscope

Designed for the most delicate surgeries, the Leica ARveo digital augmented reality microscope supports Wakefield Hospital’s leading Neurosurgeons, ENT specialists, plastic surgery, and New Zealand’s only Gender Affirming Specialist Dr Rita Yang.

Evolution Healthcare is the first private healthcare provider to invest in the Leica ARveo in New Zealand.


Indigo-Clean is a ground-breaking lighting solution that continuously disinfects the air and surfaces in an operating room and is safe for staff and patients. Indigo-Clean is proven to reduce SSI’s by 73% and can kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19. Evolution Healthcare is the only healthcare surgical provider to be using Indigo-Clean in New Zealand.

Indigo-Clean is installed in Grace Hospital, Royston Hospital, Royston Day Surgery, and Wakefield Hospital

Evolution Healthcare sets the benchmark for exceptional patient care in New Zealand hospitals