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Private Practice Credentialing

Investing in systems and facilities that ensure quality patient-focused care is one of Evolution Healthcare’s core strategies. The credentialing process and granting of clinical privileges is a key part of that commitment and is the basis of our relationship with medical practitioners.

To assist in achieving these aims, Evolution Healthcare requires all medical practitioners who use its facilities to hold clinical privileges, including having an approved area of practice specific to the hospital at which they practice; this applies to medical registrars through to specialists.

The purpose of granting clinical privileges and agreeing an approved area of practice is to ensure safe practice for medical practitioners and their patients.

This means:

  • Patients receive competent treatment and quality care from hospital staff and medical practitioners
  • Medical practitioners understand hospital procedures and follow best practice
  • Medical practitioners are protected by clear and defined processes
  • Hospital facilities and support services match the medical practitioner’s approved area of practice

Private Practice Support

Evolution Healthcare adopts an inclusive and proactive approach to both experienced and new specialists, ensuring they are given support and guidance when setting up or transitioning to private practice.  We support specialists from the initial hospital induction, to sourcing affordable consulting space through marketing support, including; letters of introduction, website advice, bridging communication with potential external and internal referral sources and developing targeted marketing plans that suit your practice and brand.

Enquiries for Private Practice Opportunity

If you would like to apply for a Medical Officer (VMO/SMO/RMO) position at one of Evolution Healthcare Hospitals, please contact the Executive Assistant on;

New Zealand: +64 (0)4 381 8100 ext 5323

Australia: +61 (02) 9598 0020

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