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Social Responsibility

Evolution Healthcare recognises the important role we play in the local communities in which we operate and in society at large.

This role shapes the way we operate and defines our purpose – to provide continuing excellence in the health and wellbeing of the people in our care.

Whether investing in local projects, medical research, clinical teaching or training across our organisation, we aim to improve health and advance health care outcomes for the broader community through key strategic initiatives.


Financial Support and Research

As part of the Evolution Healthcare philosophy of supporting our healthcare community, we provide financial support to the activities of the NZ Surgical Research Trust.

The opportunity to support New Zealand’s medical and surgical research projects closely aligns with our values and commitment to drive excellence in New Zealanders’ care with superior healthcare services that promote health and wellbeing.

Similarly, we also provide financial support to the Malaghan Institute of Medical research. The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand’s world-leading independent biomedical research institute focusing on the key areas of research such as cancer, asthma, allergy, gut health, brain health and infectious disease.


Sustainability and Environment

We are actively developing a range of ESG initiatives. From an environmental perspective, our building programs are aligned to delivering first-class healthcare facilities and aimed at reducing water consumption and delivering energy efficiencies. The Wakefield Hospital rebuild in Wellington is an example of this.

Our Investment in best-in-class equipment and technologies reduces our environmental impact, and we continue to implement improved waste recycling and medical waste reprocessing.


Community and People

We are committed to maintaining an active role in our regions and communities through charitable activities and support for health and wellness initiatives.

Through Royston Hospital, our sponsorship of the Hawke’s Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust facility is one example that reflects this commitment. Integrating community health, high-performance sport and development, the facility aligns with and supports Royston Hospitals own direct efforts in the Hawke’s Bay community.

We continue to seek further opportunities aligned with our purpose and values.